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Hanauma Bay on 2/8/2004
Mark N
Mark N
Feb 8, 2004, 12:00 AM
Spent 4 days here Jan/Feb '04. Excellent time. Saw the following barracuda (I'm pretty sure didn't stick around to ask) eel (2x), scribbled (beautiful pictures don't do it justice) and barred filefish, stripe belly puffer, stocky hawkfish, pearl bird, x-mas, belted and Hawaiian cleaner wrasses, lei and picasso triggerfish, tons of surgeonfish butterfly fish and tangs, orange and blue spine unicorn fish. All this inside the reef the water was rough when I was there. Sandman's Patch and the rocky area just in front of it providing best action. They need to ban or discourage the use of flippers inside the reef next. Visibility gets killed by them as they day goes on and you really don't need them. Proven to me by the fact that Sandman's patch which was too far and rough for most of the real tramplers to get to and kick up. Hope to get outside next time as I did in '03. One of my favorite places on earth. Coral is coming back in the rocky crevices inside; got some good pics of that, too.