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Koloa Landing on 7/7/2003
Mike 2
Mike 2
Jul 7, 2003, 12:00 AM
My wife and I take several dive trips a year and usually take one of our three kids with us each time. For this trip to Kauai we took our newly certified 10 year old son. He was a new diver and only had about 10 open water dives logged at the time. We dove this site a total of 12 times the 2 weeks we were on Kauai. It was easy diving all the way. The site is only about 1 mile "down the hill" from a LDS (Seasport Divers). Do your dive, drive up to the shop and by the time you get your tanks filled, your surface interval is done and you're ready to dive Koloa landing again! The dive spot is 100 yards or so off the paved road down a rutted dirt road. We had no problem getting a rental car in and out- but go slow. The parking area is rocky, so a dive mat helps to stand on while changing. Gear up and walk down a gently inclined cement ramp into the water. Watch your step as the ramp can be a little slick. After a short kick out drop down onto a small wall at about 25 feet depth and head either right or left along the rock reef. The bottom slopes down from there. Good diving either direction. Check a compass bearing and watch the current for a moment prior to descending and if you initially head into the current you'll have an easy swim back to the exit point. This is not Bonaire, but we had 40-50 foot viz consistently. When the trade winds kick up, the viz will drop to 10-20 feet due to surge and chop. Hawaiian reefs are a bit more beat up than some places in the world, but these weren't bad. Fair numbers of fish and lots of big turtles for us. We have some great video of my son swimming with the sea turtles. My 10 year old had a blast here and I think most new divers will enjoy this site as well!