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Miloli'i Bay on 2/7/2008
Mike Dooley
Mike Dooley
Feb 7, 2008, 12:00 AM
Miloli'i…. Breathtaking. I came to Big Island for 10 days to explore the different dive sites, and after dropping into many of the sites in the Kailua-Kona area, I decided to drive to South Kona and Miloli'i. I dive solo and shoot digital underwater and could not have found a better site. The Coral alone was the best I've ever seen. The locals are great. Keep the speed down on the roads as there are lot's of kids and dogs. The best access I thought was from the beach, a little tricky, but very do-able, even dragging a camera system with you. Bring heavy, hard soled booties. It's an incredible area. I ended up doing two tank dives a day here for seven days in a row. And STILL didn't see everything. Great formations U/W. Fishwise..pretty much your typical smaller types. But the Coral is what you come for, and the relaxed feel of the area. Would be a great place to spearfish in the summer, I think. The water in Jan 2008 was 75 degrees. Thank you, to all of the Miloli'i Locals, for such a beautiful place. I was the guy down there parked next to the Monk Seal sign at the beach in the rental clown car, the blue PT Cruiser :-) I look forward to coming back soon with more heavy duty camera equipment. Stunning is all I can say :-)