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Koloa Landing on 11/26/2002
Mike Ward
Mike Ward
Nov 26, 2002, 12:00 AM
Dove here twice (Nov 9 & 10 - 2002). The dirt road down is kind of steep, and has big potholes. Not recommended for rental cars. We got down it, but had a hard time getting back out. Lots of scraping. :) Luckily, the top has lots of room parking and the walk is only about 50 yards. The diving here was excellent. I did a boat dive the day before and this dive was easily as good. We ran into other divers only once while out there. Saw a ray (in the distance) several turtles, and a beautiful spotted Moray eel. The landscape is made up of small to huge sized boulders on either side of the sand channel. Plenty of places for critters to hide. Bring a small light to shine into the cracks. Go slow. You'll find all sorts of interesting animals hiding in there. That's how I found the eel. He was hiding deep in the crack but after I found him and shined the light at him a bit he came out to say hello - or maybe it was "go away" - but either way, I got a great view. Max depth 35ft. My dad was having problems equalizing on our second dive so we spent the entire dive at 15 ft. underneath the snorkelers. Plenty to see at this depth, too. Vis was 50-70 (typical for Nov in Kauai) and just as good as our boat dive. No beach, though, for non-divers/non-snorkelers.