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Monastery Beach North on 12/13/2010
Dec 13, 2010, 12:00 AM
Monastery Beach (North and South) are two of the best dives on the West Coast! Note to all those who'd like to join the club of Monster-berry divers- get in the water with a pro and learn the world famous 'Monastery Crawl'. Best bet is to get rescue training here before doing independent diving. Having said this, here's a tip- know your gear- your life depends on it, and don't fight the surf! Personal entry technique: fins on, mask on, reg in mouth- back into the water and wait for white water to hit your butt. When that happens, sit, turn over and kick with the returning wave and submarine under the next incoming wave. Easy as pie, with practice. Upon exiting- remember to keep the reg in your face! Hold your reg and mask with one hand and body surf in as far as possible. Then plant knees and free hand and get low when being pounded by giant surf, but hold your ground and do the Monastery Crawl until safely out of the steep surf zone. As far as the diving- by far the best around! Color, vis, invertebrates, fish, cathedral-like kelp stands, HUGE granite on the North reefs, access to the actual deep canyon that Monterey Bay us famous for. A must for serious West Coast divers!