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Lauderdale by the Sea on 10/10/2020
Oct 10, 2020, 12:00 AM
My wife and I live in south Florida and frequently dive the blue heron bridge. We got tired of seeing a lot of extremely poor, unethical, and simply selfish dive behavior at the bridge from (a) visitors that may not be experienced with muck dives, but also (b) regulars that care more about a photograph than the stress of the animals. Absolutely disgusting. A friend recommended LBTS as an alternative where divers are typically more spread out. Parking is limited close to entry point but some parking on streets and lots farther away. For the main entry point, there does not appear to be any public restrooms but I am told there are some at the pier (a 5 minute walk north). Diving is best when the wind is out of the west, or no wind at all. Visibility on my first two dives here has been around 15-20 feet - not great but not poor. The first reef is not in great shape but the pot-hole topography is fun to explore. Reaching the first reef requires a surface swim to about 3/4 the length of the pier. I think it is a good dive considering it is a free shore dive, and likely have plenty of critters for those that dive very slowly, very carefully, with sharp eyes. The bench and water source at the parking lot is nice but that area seems to get quite busy. Each time I have had to wait quite a while to wash my camera and gear using the water source due to so many people. I have yet been able to use the gear bench because of so many people using it.