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Monastery Beach North on 11/26/2010
Nov 26, 2010, 12:00 AM
This dive has a steep beach entry and exit, even for experienced divers. As we were preparing to enter the water, we saw two grown men trying to do the same. They got knocked down, gear went flying, and they rolled around panicked in the surf until our petite female divemaster rescued them. If you enter from the north end of the beach, be prepared to climb over an entire kelp forest. The right side of the beach is also where the Monterey Bay Marine Canyon comes up close to shore, so watch your depth gauge, as you CAN fall into it without realizing. Be on the lookout for the landlord as well. Last time I was there, a little spotted harbor seal met its fate while I was diving nearby. Ya never seen me swim so fast back to the kelp bed.......