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Robert Magee
Robert Magee
Aug 7, 2004, 12:00 AM
I am a pretty new diver. I have been certified for 3 years. This was approx. my 25th dive. This was probably the best diving I have done. We entered from the south shore. The waves were about 2 feet at 9:30 am and about 3 feet at 11:30 am. We swam out about 100 yards and dropped down to about 25 feet. The thick kelp was on the furthest south part of the beach. We swam out pretty much kelp free. When on the bottom we swam towards the kelp and there was the best marine life and rock formations I have seen yet. There is an abundance of nudibranches, annemities, almost every star fish imaginable, crabs, a lot of hermit crabs. We saw a few Ling Cod. The fish I liked the best was a Painted Greenling. I think I saw a Spotted Kelpfish also. The deepest we went was 43 feet. You don't to go deep to have a great dive. Be very careful entering and exiting. You have to do the crawl on the way out. I suggest putting on your fins after your in the water. The workout is walking back to your car or truck after the dive. Hope to see you out there some time.