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Butterfly House on 11/1/2008
Rod Jenkins
Rod Jenkins
Nov 1, 2008, 12:00 AM
Every time I would attempt to dive this site, the conditions have been too rough, causing me to move to another site. Today there were some waves but it was calm enough for a dive. After making the trek down the rocks, which required some planning to get our gear to the beach, the entry was not bad. Expect at least 15 minutes to be safe in getting all your gear and don't try to do it all in one trip, especially if this is your first time at this site. Surface swam out perpendicular to the entry and went down at the first kelp forest. We could have gone farther but there was a mean current pushing us north once we were out beyond the protective rocks. Underwater, lots to see, especially if you are farther out. Depths drop gradually, from about 15-20ft close in to 50+ft as you head out. Rocky, wildlife covered bottom with a large kelp forest make this dive worth while. Be wary of the changing conditions on your return to the entry point; the weather here can change very quickly and generally not in the diver's favor.