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Rodney's Dive Log


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May 11, 2010, 12:00 AM
I first got to experience the Edmonds Underwater Park this December and was hooked. There is a new feature that was sunk late in 2009, called the Lopez Pontoon. It was new and bare the first time I went to it, and it has many chambers that a person can enter and look around in, they are very safe. I went back last week and the changes are amazing. There is kelp and seaweeds growing all over it, there is life on all sides. The park itself is truly amazing, there is so much to see, I have now 25 dives on it and I have maybe only seen a quarter of it. I love how long my dives are here, as well as the size and number of the fish, and the many different species of the invertebrates This not only is a must do on anyone's list but it should be experienced over and over again.