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Hanauma Bay on 8/4/2016
Rodrigo Molari
Rodrigo Molari
Aug 4, 2016, 12:00 AM
Well First of all you have to pay $7.50 and see a movie before you are allowed in, a good tip is to arrive before 7am because they will let you in free and just talk to you instead of the movie also a good idea on summer the parking closes at around 9am and only opens after 12pm when people stars to leave. They have a service to take you and your gear down the ramp to the beach its $1 per Tank and $2 per rider for both ways. To get to the dive site walk to the right and get in the water in front of the second lifeguard station, once in the water don't stand up, use your snorkel 'it prohibit to walk', straight ahead you will see two white buoys, swim thru them , for about 30 feet and drop down you will see two metal tel line cables, follow them to the reef and then back. On the way back you will probably have a lot of current when trying to pass the white buoys, so have so extra air to go under.