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Hanauma Bay on 6/6/2011
Rory Moak
Rory Moak
Jun 6, 2011, 12:00 AM
As a local resident I find myself there almost every weekend. Usually the visibility is great in the morning in the inner bay, and starts to get as low as 4-5 feet in some areas by noon due to tourists. If you follow the cables out between the buoys the visibility usually opens up to 40+ vis. I freedive the area myself and often escort divers new to the area out to witches brew and beyond. Even when I am at the surface, I can easily view the divers at the bottom. The inner bay is still covered in algae, an most of the coral has died off in the easy to snorkel areas due to tourists, but there is still plenty of wildlife. Outside the reef the coral is still beautiful and full of color. Ask the life guard where 'the arch' is before heading out and take a peak in the caves underneath to get a good view of the white tip reef sharks sleeping there, just don't touch them so they stick around for others to see. In winter, it is common to see hammerhead sharks in the bay and an occasional Tiger swimming in the deeper part of the out bay, around 40-50ft. All in all, love this bay!