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Koloa Landing on 2/23/2005
Sara Mohney
Sara Mohney
Feb 23, 2005, 12:00 AM
When we were visiting Kauai we dove Koloa landing at least 10 times. Access into the water is very easy, however you have to be a bit careful as the ramp is a bit slippery and falling with all of your gear on could hurt pretty badly. Once out near the reef you can go either left or right, both equally nice. There is a ton of reef and we saw a huge variety of animals. Lots of eels and turtles, but also some harlequin shrimp, trumpet fish, etc. I would recommend doing this dive at least once with a guide (we used Mana Divers, but would also recommend Fathom Five) but after getting comfortable with the site it's easy to do on your own. The drive down is a bit bumpy, but just go slow… real slow. Dive shops are located pretty close to this spot as well. We went to Fathom Five for fills and would recommend them as they are a small operation (just supporting the little guy). Overall Koloa is a great spot, and every time we went out we saw something new and exciting. Depths never get much more than 50', probably 30' on average, and there is lots to see in a short distance so you can hang around and get the most out of your air. All of our dives were at least an hour long. If you're staying on Kauai for a while check out Koloa and you'll probably want to keep coming back.