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Scuba Steve
Oct 24, 2010, 12:00 AM
I was looking for a site where I could take my 10 yr old newly certified son for an easy yet interesting dive. The waves on the North Shore were a little angry so we opted for this site. It was a good choice. We arrived at the beach early afternoon and were greeted by the lifeguard. He explained to us the areas of the site we should avoid, namely the area where all the waves and surfers were. Because the edge of the reef forms a channel, the lifeguard suggested we enter inside the channel and swim out before we go down and then swim over to the reef. It was good advice because the entry was really easy for my son since there were virtually no waves breaking in that location. It is a really long kick to get to the caverns and really would likely be best visited by boat. We didn't make it out that far because it would have meant swimming out about 200yds and then swimming parallel with the beach for about another 100yds to avoid the surf and reach the caverns. The dive conditions were fair to good. The visibility was about 30-40' with a tiny current. The sea life was what made the trip. There were turtles everywhere munching on the reef. The reef itself seemed vibrant and there were many different kinds of coral and little critters everywhere. A fair amount of fish and my son was really happy to see a large Moray eel. We exited from the same location where we entered which was literally as simple as removing our fins and just walking out. Upon exit a lifeguard greeted us again to make sure the dive went well. The locals at the beach were all very friendly and eager to offer information about the location. Overall we had a great time and will definitely visit this site again. Maybe next time we will try to make it to the caverns.