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Breakwater Cove on 4/18/2010
Scuba Todd
Scuba Todd
Apr 18, 2010, 12:00 AM
Dove San Carlos Beach, Breakwater Friday April 16th 2010. Great day because it was a week day, no crowds and glassy. Could see down to the bottom of the sand and reefs from the Coast Guard pier. Viz was easy 30-45 feet on this day. Best viz diving I have ever experienced in Monterey Bay. Saw lots of sealife, nudibranch, Sea Stars, and even a seal came to check us out and play. Mid beach and mid reef. Lots to see. On a clear day just lean back on your back, look up thru the kelp and wait for the action to come to you! First dive was a long surface swim along the breakwater to Marker 9 on the breakwater wall. Dropped into 55 feet of water and dove the wall. Lots of Sea Stars, Tube anemones, Giant fish, Sea cucumbers, Sand Dollars and even Sea Lions! Nice kelp forest clinging to the rocks but algae bloom reduced viz to 15- 20 feet in some spots.