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Koloa Landing on 7/20/2007
Jul 20, 2007, 12:00 AM
We dove this site July 2007. No dive guide was necessary, so it was a great way to save some $$$. Most dive ops here charge $85 for one tank guided dive. Be careful about renting tanks from SeaSport as a previous post mentioned, we also had blown o-rings on two tanks! As for the site, it was fantastic if you love eels! In 2 dives, hubby and I saw a dragon moray, a tiger moray, a couple zebra morays, 2 dwarf morays hunting and a plethora of the more common yellow margin morays. Visibility is crappy on entry, but cleared up pretty nicely for us as we got farther out. To see sleeping turtles, avoid masses of other divers and get a choice parking spot, I HIGHLY recommend getting there EARLY. We got there about 7 am and had it all to ourselves! Enjoy!