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Hanauma Bay on 6/11/2004
Sharon L. Ward
Sharon L. Ward
Jun 11, 2004, 12:00 AM
Went to Hanauma Bay, O'ahu for my first time - May 2004. I have never snorkeled before - went two times during my week there. My sons sent me to Honolulu, HI for my 50th birthday gift - one son lives there and the other flew in from Texas. (Got to spend a week with them!) In my 50 years - I have not done anything as fun and also the beauty of the fish and reefs was tremendous. I took a underwater camera both trips snorkeling - each time using the whole roll of film - got some pretty good shots of the beautiful fish and coral/reef. The water was clear and plenty of species of sea creatures. I live in San Diego California - and the water here is not near as beautiful as Hanauma Bay or any water in Hawaii. (But I might say that Coronado here in San Diego did win the number 10 place in the US for 2004 - and it is a beautiful beach!) I have also downloaded as my desktop back ground on my computer at work - a view of Hanauma Bay - just for the memories..... so beautiful! My trip to Hanauma Bay is all I talk about now - was a trip of a life time for me! Hope go back soon!