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Shelbi's Dive Log


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Koloa Landing on 7/9/2001
Jul 9, 2001, 12:00 AM
I recently completed my open water cert. with Mana Divers at this location. (They are great!) I now dive this site frequently since I live just down the road. A pair of spotted eagle rays hang out to the left of the entry. There are hundreds of eels, all sizes and variety, they come out more toward dusk. Another name for the landing is Turtle Cove. There are many large turtles on both sides of the horseshoe shaped reef. Look closely, they blend in like rocks on the bottom. There are lots of reef fish, sea stars and other critters to make friends with. The coral formations are beautiful. Night dives here are fun. Rub the rocks and they will glow. On my first night dive I felt something behind me and when I turned around and there was a huge turtle checking me out.