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Black Rock on 9/1/2004
Steve Berkowitz
Steve Berkowitz
Sep 1, 2004, 12:00 AM
I have dived the coast of California, parts of Mexico, Puget Sound in Washington, and several spots on Maui and Black Rock is still one of my favorites for two reasons. It is a relaxing dive (max out at 35ft.) and there is an abundance if life. I highly suggest diving early in the morning or early evening because this is when you will see some of the animals going to sleep and others waking up. These are therefore fairly active times for the fish and not people! Also consider a night dive as this is when many of the lesser seen animals actively feed. I typically spend thirty minutes each way (1hr. total) investigating the smaller critters and the shallow cave or two and have air to spare...Warning!...if you go faster you will miss a lot! If you make the full trip in thirty minutes you aren't looking close enough and are probably the type of diver who often wonders why scuba diving racing hasn't become a sport! In other words, this is a great spot to go slow and look around, in fact, after leaving the water one evening in January a mother whale and her baby swam right around the point!...I missed it but they were there, and I've heard of a few cool (harmless) shark sightings as well!