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Monastery Beach North on 10/5/2001
Steven Goodman
Steven Goodman
Oct 5, 2001, 12:00 AM
Do not dive this site without first getting some local expert advice. The surf entry and exit may not look that tough, but it is. The surf break zone is very short, and there is a lot of energy packed into a very small area. If there is even a 2 foot surf it can be tough. You want to enter as far north as possible, to get some protection from the kelp forests. You never want to enter anywhere near the center of the beach; and there is nothing to see there anyway. Once you have entered, swim out through or around the kelp to the area near the wash rock; where it gets very very deep. To exit, swim in near shore, wave goodbye to your buddy, when you hit the sand crawl crawl crawl until you get to dry sand, then look to see if your buddy needs help. If he needs help, dump your gear and do it as a snorkeler. If it is absolutely flat, this is a good place to take a beginner to get experience, but only with an experienced diver to lead, and perfect conditions.