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Breakwater Cove on 12/11/2009
Steven L. Farr
Steven L. Farr
Dec 11, 2009, 12:00 AM
I did two dives off the Monterey breakwater (San Carlos Beach) on 12/9/2009. The water temp. was around 55 degrees F. Parking is very close to the entry, which always makes diving a shore easier. The first dive was on the East side of the beach in about 40 feet of water. There are a lot of sea stars and anemones. I was able to get some nice video of a jelly fish cruising along around 30ft. The second dive was off the West end of the beach. After a bit of a surface swim you can drop in and head out at a compass heading of approx. 330 degrees to 50 ft. That will take you out to the metridium anemone field. Overall its a nice site, lots of life and some neat rock formations too. Just be careful not to get tangled in all the sea weed on your surface swim.