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Balmorhea Springs on 6/8/2003
Tim Landers
Tim Landers
Jun 8, 2003, 12:00 AM
Balmorhea, a Texas State Park, is a big swimming pool with a natural bottom. It is fed by warm springs and has extremely clear water. The springs bubble up through the sand at its maximum depth of about 22 feet. There are two species of fish that are not found elsewhere (at least very limited) along with turtles and crayfish. A nearby town, Toyhavale, has a couple of great Mexican restaurants. The nearest grocery store is in Fort Davis. There are picnic tables within feet of the entrance and large bathrooms for changing. A dive shop is right across the street for tank refills. See some site pictures here: www.we-b-divin.com/travel/2003/balmorhea. There are cabins for rent and trailer hookups. It can become a little crowded since it is used a lot for dive training but is a great weekend getaway. In the foothills of the Davis Mountains dives will be considered altitude dives so be sure to plan accordingly (and get your Altitude Diver certification).