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Honolua Bay on 9/12/2006
Sep 12, 2006, 12:00 AM
We went to Honolua Bay on a tip from a local this past Memorial Day weekend (5/2006). I was truly amazed at the amount of large, colorful, healthy coral that existed in such shallow water (less than 3 feet)! On this particular dive, if you follow off to the right from the beach, there is tons of beautiful coral formations, but not much other sea life. If you head to the left, there's much more sea life including a large variety of fish, and I ran into a few different turtles hanging out in as shallow as 10 feet of water. If you continue around the rocks to the left, you will find another beach around the way with similar conditions. The visibility was 75-100 feet and you are protected from any major current or surge. It's a great site for snorkeling as well as for diving once you get in the water. However, since you have to hike down a little ways, and because you can see most things in shallow water, it would be a good time to practice snorkeling or free diving if you need a break from all of your gear. Location: You will need to park along side of the road and hike a little bit to get to a rocky beach, so it would be a little tough to lug all your gear... but not impossible.