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Travis A
Travis A
Aug 13, 2004, 12:00 AM
On our trip to Maui my wife and I did 2 shore dives here. Additionally we did 4 boat dives elsewhere. (Molikini being 2 of the boat dives) We found that the beach wasn't very crowded, however they are in the process of building a large resort hotel so that could all change in a few months. The reef goes from about 8' of water out to about 30 to 35' It is quite easy to navigate and there are ample marine fish and corals. We even spotted a few turtles at the site. The first 1/3 to 1/2 of the corals on your way out has been overtaken by algae, but the rest of the reef is quite similar to Molikini Mid Reef. If you go out past the main reef formation you will come across isolated reefs amongst the sand which are also quite pleasant to look at. The beach is right off of the main drag that runs along the west side of the island. The parking is shaded which is a definite plus. There is additionally a bathroom house, covered picnic tables (which were reserved both times we were there) and there is a shower just off of the beach. The entry is quite easy, simply throw your gear on at the edge of the sandy beach (under the shade trees) and walk about 30' down and into the ocean. One final note: if you are going with a group of people it is quite easy for a few to go SCUBA, a few to snorkel, and even a few to remain on the beach to bask in the sun.