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Koloa Landing on 5/18/2002
Vicki Moore
Vicki Moore
May 18, 2002, 12:00 AM
I dove Koloa on guided dives in both 1990 and 2000. I went in June both times. Calm in 1990 with no surge. This was a refresher shore dive for both husband and me. 2000 was very different with heavy surf and surge. It did not help I had torn my ACL before in the surf at Brennecke's. Mana Divers guided me in 2000. The guide was very accommodating, seeing as how I was in a brace! Plus, I had not done an open water dive since 1990. I did take a refresher course here in TN before going to Kauai. We saw several turtles, but the vis worsened minute by minute. The resort diver kept leaving the group and I spent lots of time going back and forth with the surge while the guide searched for him. The diving here was great in 1990. Hubby did not get to dive with me because of ear problems. I did not get to dive with him on Maui due to sinus problems. Going back this year (2002) for 2 weeks in August. Hubby and I will probably dive there again this year, hopefully together!