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Shaws Cove on 5/3/2009
Victor Chu AKA Batman
Victor Chu AKA Batman
May 3, 2009, 12:00 AM
Excellent spot for both beginners and instructors alike. April 30, 2009 night dive: 1-2' surf, 2-5' surge, and poor vis (5-8') with 2 Night Specialty students. On the surface, this would seem like poor conditions for a dive but after hundreds of dives at Shaw's, we still got a big surprise. Groups of 3'+ wingspan bat rays were congregating inside the reef and swam circles around us for lengths of time (5 min +) in 2 areas inside the reef! 2 large eels (5-6'+) inside a crevice. 1 large 10-12lb lobster next to the eels. The local female harbor seal 'Sparky' also followed and played with us for quite a few minutes swimming between our legs and brushing up against us. By far one of the most enjoyable dives at Shaw's or anywhere in Laguna!