Twin Lake, Winfield

Alberta, Canada
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Twin Lake, Winfield

This is mostly a beginner training location. Courses are held here by various dive clubs. The lake is small and easily navigated. It has an incredible depth of 110 feet; yes I said 110 feet! The normal training area is in water of about 25 feet to 50 feet. While most newbies will go into this water using a 7mm wetsuit; they earn the appreciation of their peers using drysuits. Water temperature at the surface is about 62f degrees, while at about 40-50 feet you might find an area that will drop to 38f degrees. This is also a zero to 25 foot visibility dive site; limited visibility. The bottom of this lake is very silty and easily stirred by newbie divers. When diving in these types of conditions it is a great time to work on buoyancy because you only have your computer to tell you your depth or your compass to tell you what direction you are going in. The local dive club has done a great job of mapping out courses for divers. Police tape is used at the bottom to guide divers to an underwater platform at 25 feet. There are plenty of things to see under the water, fish, BBQ, typewriter, small boat, six foot suspended chicken, etc. While this is more of a training location, it does offer unique challenges for intermediate to advance divers alike. Try your navigation techniques in zero to limited visibility. The depth of this lake combined with its chilly temperatures will definitely leave an impression. North 52 57'00.0 West 114 22'00.0 This site is in central/south Alberta. North-West of Red Deer, South-West of Edmonton, exactly west of Wetaskiwin, and very close to Winfield, Alberta. There are back road possibilities to get to this location, but the easiest to describe is: <br>1. Take Highway 2 to Wetaskiwin, Go West. <br>2. Take Highway 13 to Twin Lakes. <br>When you are getting close you can not help but notice the rollercoaster style of hill you are about to climb. From the bottom of this hill it will be about 11km to the turn. There is one sign for Twin Lakes which is virtually right beside the turn. Chances are that if you are reading the sign and traveling at 100kph, you will miss the turn off. Please be careful when breaking. Turn south onto dirt road. The road is curvy and leads to the lake, stay right. Once you see the lake, stay on the road and keep driving till you see a large mobile trailer on your left. This trailer is from the local dive club. If you are beside the trailer, parking is located between the two trees, and directly in front of you on the grass.
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Aug 6, 2013, 12:00 AM
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James Reid
James Reid
Nov 7, 2010, 12:00 AM
I dive at Twin a lot. To be honest, that's where I did my open water certification. If you are easy to panic because of visibility this place is a little bit of a challenge if swimmers are in the water or other divers are not mindful of you and others. I recently received my deep water and night certification at Twin. If you want a little bit of adventure dive at Twin Lakes……
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Stuart Serediuk
Stuart Serediuk
Apr 26, 2010, 12:00 AM
A nice place to practice one's skills. Not necessarily a 'destination', but, it is deep and the water is clean. No motor boats are allowed on the lake. The local dive club has made water access very easy, by constructing a long pier and steps that lead right into the water.
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