Beavertail State Park

Rhode Island, USA East
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Beavertail State Park

Easy parking, abundant fish and bottom topography, but a pretty steep entry down a rocky hillside to a small and pretty cove. This site isn't very protected so make sure to take a look at the entry and conditions before suiting up. The park is basically located at the end of a point. Man is it lovely here! Best diving is about 50 yards straight out into 30 fsw. Route 138 east to the Jamestown boat yard, R on Narragansett, L on Southwest, turns into Beavertail Rd to parking lot #2 in the park. GPS: N 41 27.074 W 071 23.971
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Sharon Hepburn
Sharon Hepburn
Nov 1, 2006, 12:00 AM
It has been 2 years since I've been to Beavertail, but have been several times, in Spring, Summer & Fall. Water temp is usually 5 or even 10 degrees warmer than Cape Ann, MA locations so it's good to come here in Spring & Fall. I have seen viz ranging from average to poor. Never excellent. That means everything from zero to 20 ft. From parking lot 2, you have to make a goat-trek down the cliff/rocks to the beach. But once on the beach, it's an easy entry and plenty of places on the rock to gear up. The entry is in a protected cove, but occasionally waves slam into the beach when the wind is right. Usually it's pretty easy to navigate out of the cove and out into the bay. Once out, pick a direction, left or right. I like to swim against the current (whichever way it's going that day) so I can drift back. Usually I get lucky finding the cove entrance again underwater but if viz is bad you usually need to surface to find it. Pretty seaweed but it sometimes disorients me when the surge is up and I can't see any rock underneath. I often see huge schools of silversides here - I like to get lost swimming with the fish! Overall a pleasant dive as long as the viz is reasonable and, if you don't mind the goat-path down to the water, it's easy in & out. I have dived the opposite side of the park only once. It's not as protected as Parking Lot 2 so usually the surf is too high to dive; but if it's calm, it's a very nice dive. Interesting rock formations & pretty kelp.
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Jason NYC
Jason NYC
Jul 8, 2005, 12:00 AM
This is one of the prettiest shore dives in Rhode Island from above and below the water. Plant and animal life are abundant. The entry can be found in Beavertail State park at parking lot #2. Park in the middle. Another entry point is also located at another parking lot. The entry isn't an easy one. While not impossible, if you don't feel comfy trekking down steep rocks and sliding on your rear in full gear then don't do it. Not to mention, this site can only be attempted when all is calm. Once down the "cliff" the beach entry is very easy. This park is located at the end of a point and isn't protected very well from wind. Best diving is straight out through the rocks 50 yards into about 20-30 fsw. Viz varies from 0-30 feet depending on winds. If you go and decide not to do it, all is not lost. Enjoy the park, lighthouse, bathroom facilities (porta-johns) and the scenic view from the top of the rocks over looking a lovely beach that surrounds the point on three sides. A perfect picnic location!
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