Ocean Cove

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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Ocean Cove

The main reason people go here is abalone diving. I did see several legal ones, however it seemed slightly inferior to the Stillwater cove less than two miles away. For spear fishing however I found it to be better. While free diving I pulled a ~30 inch ling cod out of only fifteen foot deep water. There are also many more perch, and rockfish than I had observed at Stillwater cove the day before. It is also a very calm site, and would serve as a good beginner dive for anyone wanting to make their first abalone dive. This site is only a few minutes north of Stillwater beach near salt point. take the highway 1 north until you see the Ocean Cove Store. From there take a left there will be a campground head into the camp ground and take the first right, that will take you to a boat ramp, enter anywhere near the ramp.
Jesse Rorabaugh
Jesse Rorabaugh
Aug 18, 2004, 12:00 AM
This is one of the easier abalone sites in northern California. The first time I went diving for them I went here, and I am sure many others shared the same experience. It is well sheltered and is normally safe to dive, although Stillwater cove is often more calm. The main drawback is the fee you must pay the campground to get in. However if you camp here you can dive for free and it is a pretty good campground.
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