Top Scuba Dive Shops in Sweden

Ready to check out the best shops in Sweden for scuba diving, snorkeling, shore diving, free diving or other ocean activities? Zentacle has 28 dive shops where you can rent equipment, book dives, and get guided tours. Discover hand-curated maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best ocean activities in Sweden to suit your needs.
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Flying Divers

#1 - Flying Divers

Diving and dive courses when it gets its best! Here you will find everything you need to explore the underwater world. With our dive boat and took some of Gothenburg's best PADI instructors, we at Flying Divers ensure an experience and personalized service beyond the ordinary. We offer diving trips and PADI's International Training Course from the instructor and IANTD courses for technical diving. Our well-stocked dive shop and classroom located at the Rock in Gothenburg with beautiful views of the harbor entrance, just steps from the dock. It is also here our diving expeditions to Vinga archipelago yesterday. We offer beginner trips where you as a diver assistance and support of a Divemaster before, during and after the dive. For the more experienced divers we offer wreck trips and custom trips to the West Coast's beautiful underwater world. After completing a Padi Open Water course, you get your first entry-issued at half price!
Captain Baltic

#2 - Captain Baltic


Vrakdykarpensionatet/Captain Baltic offer unique diving experiences in the Stockholm archipelago. Here you can discover the Swedish maritime history that rests below the surface, while you get the opportunity to get away for a few days, eat well and relax together with other divers. We are based in idyllic Dalarö and offer exclusive experiences in small groups with personal service.

Diving in Stockholm is a history-filled experience and we are surrounded by the beautiful green waters of the Baltic Sea. Diving in Sweden means diving in a dry suit, strong torch and good boyancy. If it's your first time diving in the Baltic Sea, we can teach you the right diving technique and tell you about maritime history, the Baltic Sea's environment, Stockholm's marine cultural heritage and thousands of archipelago islands. The Baltic Sea offers a sea of marine history and a special habitat for fish and organisms. We want to show you the environment of the Baltic Sea and the marine life and arrange both wreck dives and nature dives as well as in combination.

We offer diving courses on all levels from beginner to pro, and we also put great focus on workshops and technical dive training. We have full service for divers, retail shop, gasfilling and regulator service.

RIB Diving Services

#3 - RIB Diving Services


Vi är ett nystartat och familjärt dykcenter i Kalmar, där vi erbjuder dig unika möjligheter att fylla dina luftflaskor när det passar dig, att gå kurser i en trygg och hemtrevlig miljö samt att åka på landbaserade utfärder såväl i närområdet som till andra delar av Sverige.

Vi är en familj där alla dyker, och som gärna dyker tillsammans. Dykningen har varit ett intresse i familjen sedan 2001, och vi har sedan dess dykt på många olika ställen i världen. Två av oss är instruktörer, och har arbetat med dykning både i Sverige och utomlands.

Vi erbjuder luftfyllning (även nitrox), prova-på-dyk, kurser från Open Water Diver till Dive Master, försäljning och rådgivning av dykutrustning, service av dykutrustning, utfärder både i närområdet och till andra platser i Sverige och utomlands samt enklare dykuppdrag.

Våra öppettider är mycket flexibla. Ring innan du kommer!


#4 - Dyk-Kiosken


Dyk-Kiosken is a small but diverse dive center just outside Göteborg. Join us on courses and dive tours with our boat. You can also hire us for dive jobs along the west coast.

Opening hours are by demand only, so please just call or email and prior to your visit.

Dyk & Hav

#5 - Dyk & Hav


Dive & Hav will help you with diving. Whether it is education, service, travel or equipment selection. We have been diving for over 10 years and in the meantime we have acquired a great deal of expertise in both recreational diving and service and training.

Tec N' Rec Diving

#6 - Tec N' Rec Diving

Tec N' Rec Diving is a retail dive shop located in Göteborg / Gothenburg, Sweden. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Dyk & Sjöliv I Göteborg

#7 - Dyk & Sjöliv I Göteborg

Vi är ett unikt mobilt dykcenter, vilket betyder att vi kan bedriva kurser och utbildningar på flera platser runt om i landet, Vi erbjuder en mängd olika kurser allt från prova på dyk till instruktörskurser, pooldyken kör vi som vanligt i Poseidons lokaler.
Marstrands Dyk & Skeppshandel AB

#8 - Marstrands Dyk & Skeppshandel AB

Marstrands Dyk & Skeppshandel AB is a retail dive shop located in Marstrand, Sweden. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Utbildningsgruppen Halmstad

#9 - Utbildningsgruppen Halmstad

Utbildningsgruppen Halmstad is a retail dive shop located in Halmstad, Sweden. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Malmö Dykskola AB

#10 - Malmö Dykskola AB


Malmö Dykskola (Malmoe Diving School) is exactly what we are called, a school that trains divers and where you get the opportunity to get in touch with other divers and develop your diving regardless of previous experience. Our talented instructors are dedicated and together have over 80 years of experience of diving in varying conditions and environments.

Our motto is that it should be fun to take diving certificates, go diving courses and that it is done under safe and secure conditions. We look forward to following your progress as a diver and to being part of your continued development towards new goals and diving certificates! We always put the student's needs first!

Dyk & Sport Gotland

#11 - Dyk & Sport Gotland

Dyk & Sport Gotland is a retail dive shop located in Slite, Gotland, Sweden. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Halmstad Divers AB

#12 - Halmstad Divers AB


Halmstad Dykarskola är ett PADI Instructor Development Center, vilket innebär att vi utbildar i alla nivåer inom PADI's internationella utbildningsprogram. Vår butik som är belägen i Flygstaden och har ALLT för sportdykaren och semestersnorklaren. Vår professionella personal hjälper dig att välja rätt dykutrustning och utbildning. Vi arrangerar regelbundet dykutfärder, både i Sverige och utomlands.

Linköpings Dykcenter

#13 - Linköpings Dykcenter







#14 - Dykshopen

Dykshopen is a retail dive shop located in Foshaga, Sweden. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .
Dive Team

#15 - Dive Team

Dive Team har mängder med olika kurser för dig som vill snorkla, dyka och dyka ännu mer! Sveriges största dykskola med ett härligt crew! Varmt välkommen in i gemenskapen =)
Kullen Dyk AB

#16 - Kullen Dyk AB

Flexibility is the key to our success as dive schedules can be arranged around client’s availability and convenience. Daily dives are conducted in the morning and afternoon. While single dives and day trips can be scheduled on demand. Your convenience is important to us and we will try to facilitate any reasonable requests you might have. At Scuba Divine Maldives we have made an afford to keep our prices as low as possible while still offering the diving experience you desire. Our prices are the BEST value for money available for diving in All our Dive Centres.
Råå Aqua Resort

#17 - Råå Aqua Resort


Råå Aqua Resort AB is a independent diveschool.( Storenumber #1470) . Since 2001 I ( Jonas ) have running a divecenter in Sweden ( 1997-1999 Philippins and Greece/Crete ) which successfully pushed diving for over 20 years. I have a total of more than 6,000 dives and certified well over 2000 satisfied divers of all levels. My staff has 5 years or more experience in diving as PRO and are dedicated to Swedish waters. Here you'll find well-trained and experienced PADI PRO's  in both recreational diving technical diving  and Snorkeling Guides. It is essential that you are a satisfied customer! With us, you learn to appear on your terms! . Mastery Learning in all courses. We actively work to protect the underwater environment and the picture below you can see us after we have beaten the world record for the preservation of our wonderful sharks. Join us for our  Marine evenings! Together we can preserve and protect the underwater environment, achieve lasting change! AB

#18 - AB


Welcome to, we have two dive centers located in Köping and Fjugesta. We organize lots of activities. From May 1st to last September we dive every Wednesday at 18:00 and in addition to this we have lots of weekend trips, west coast trips and trips abroad. If you go on all dives we do, you will surely have a full leisure and dive at least 100 dives per year.

Our stores are best known for having a wide range in stock (always over 1500 items in stock). We sell diving equipment to the entire Nordic region. With us you will always find quality equipment at absolutely unbeatable prices!!!

Unique Dive & Travel

#19 - Unique Dive & Travel


Vi gör allt för att hålla hög kvalitet på vår utrustning.

Christoph Samfass öppnade butiken den 5 maj 2006. I butiken på 80 kvm finns en verkstad för att underhålla utrustning samt  Bauer Mariner kompressorer som fyller 190 l/min 225 bar och en Bauer Capitano 140l/min 300 bar och 120,000 L luftbank / EANx bank. Nitrox-påfyllning + Syregas utförs vid förfrågan. Rebreather O2 fyllning 3liter 200 bar 100.- kr

Vi har nu 3 Facebook sidor med olika innehåll och information om turer, resor och en webshop.

Utanför finns parkering, och det är endast 50 meter till havet mittemot det nya Scandic Hotel. Butiken är öppen året runt och har ett stort sortiment av dykutrustning på lager. Dykbåtarna är igång från maj till december, men även på vintern åker vi iväg på isdykningar regelbundet. Alla kurser kan utföras året runt då vi använder torrdräkter.

Dykservice (hjälp med bojar, pirar och annan undervattenshjälp) utförs året runt, och service av dykutrustning och torrdräkter kan vi utföra över natten i nödfall. Inspektion av dykflaskor utförs inom 14 dygn.

Vi är återförsäljare till bland annat dessa märken:

  • ScubaForce
  • Force Fin
  • Dirzone
  • Scubapro
  • Oxy Spy
  • Suunto
  • Kirby Morgan
  • Polaris
  • Waterproof
  • Sea & Sea
  • Ursuit
  • Oceanic
  • XS Scuba
  • Cressi
  • Tec Line
  • Green Force
  • OMS
  • Dragonsub
  • Fourth Element
  • Zeagle
  • OTS / DSI
  • Monkey Light
  • Miflex
  • Santi
  • Northern Divers
  • Mc Nett
  • Bare
  • Catalina Cylinders
  • Si Tech
  • Hollis
  • Sherwood Scuba
  • Poseidon
  • Mares
  • Shearwater
  • Aquatec
  • Dräger
  • Submerge Scooters
  • Suex
  • Luxfer


#20 - Z-DYK & BÅT

Lidingö Diving School or as it is actually called, Z-DIVE & BOAT, was founded by Claude D Zacharias who is trained as a PADI Staff Instructor. Claude focuses on the further education of already certified divers who want to take the next step under orderly forms with safety in focus. The course that Claude finds most enjoyable is the PADI Rescuediver. Claude is hired by other diving schools as a diving instructor. Claude likes to do things "Old School" and believes that even if everything is done "by the book", it is more important for him to teach diving in a safe way than chasing after certifications.
We Dive

#21 - We Dive

We are a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development (IDC) Dive Resort located on the remote Andaman Islands of Havelock and Neil, India. We also conduct all diving activities in sunny Goa and pool training in both Mumbai and Goa. The Scubalov family is made up of a bunch of ocean warriors who have each surrendered wholly to their love of the alien underwater world and its preservation. Our mission is to introduce this world to as many as we can through scuba diving and infect you with our love for it. We aspire to kindle your connection with nature and truly believe that no diver or course is ever the same. Therefore, you can trust us to keep your individualities in mind while you embark on personal, safe and incredibly enjoyable underwater adventures with us.
Dyk-Leif AB

#22 - Dyk-Leif AB

Our specialty: Full day excursions to Väderöarna, were we offer exquisite off shore diving in the waters around an isolated group of beeautiful islands in the most western part of the archipelago of the Swedish west coast. The high salt content in this part of Skagerrak gives a biodiversity which is higher than any other place in Sweden. Here, you will find a fantastic underwater landscape with 20+ species of nudibranches, soft and hard corals, sea anemones, lobsters and a diversity of fish species, with great seasonal variation!
Skånsk Dykservice

#23 - Skånsk Dykservice

We have now become a PADI 5 star IDC center and this means that we can now offer a full range of courses, from test dives, right up to instructor level. Skåne's cheapest Nitrox? Low pressure filling up to 40% With low pressure filling you can get Nitrox without needing washed bottles or converted rigs. Become a member of Pocket Divers for SEK 600/entire calendar year and for an additional SEK 600 you can fill as much Nitrox as you want, valid for up to 15 liter bottles. You pay SEK 900/entire calendar year if you have bottles larger than 15 liters total volume. We can also decant up to 100%, however the bottles must be oxygen washed. We help you with everything in sport diving, service, work diving and boat assignments. We help you find the best equipment that meets your specific needs. We ensure that your equipment stays like new for many years to come by offering Skåne's best service.
H2O Lund AB

#24 - H2O Lund AB


H2O in Lund is located on Kävlingevägen 1, just a short walk from the Allhelgona church in the center of Lund. Our professional staff can offer you friendly advice for all of your diving related needs.

We provide a wide range of equipment from some of the worlds leading equipment suppliers. If you have planned a snorkelling holiday in the Red Sea or a 100 m wreck penetration dive on Åland, we can meet all of your equipment needs.

We provide equipment servicing on all major brands. We are a PADI 5 Star IDC-center and can offer the full range of PADI courses, from beginner courses up to instructor. We also offer a large range of technical and specialty courses.

We offer air, nitrox and trimix fills. Thanks to our large air banks you don’t need to wait long for your tank to get filled! We have excursions every week for most of the year. The sites vary from shallow, easygoing dives on Kullaberg to advanced wreck diving in Öresund. We also have regular trips abroad, for example to Egypt or Spain.

For us it very important yo protect our marine environment, and we have as the first divecentre in been awarded for our environmental work  with the PADI Green Star Award. We have also recived the PADI Nordic Industry Award.

Our opening times are Monday – Friday 11:00 – 18:00 and Saturday 10:00 - 14:00. Closed on Sundays.

Gustavsbergs Gymnasium

#25 - Gustavsbergs Gymnasium


Vi är en dykskola som tillhandahåller kurser för våra elever på Gymnasiet som går Natur, inriktning Marin biologi.

Stockholms Wreckguide

#26 - Stockholms Wreckguide

Stockholms Wreckguide is a resort dive shop located in Dalaro, Sweden. The shop has classrooms and trainings in .

#27 - Aquatica

Pay us a visit, and we'll tell you how you can get a Padi international diving certificate. Or start with a test dive/DSD in our pool. Your diving certificate will open up a new world of exciting experiences. Welcome to contact us to book an appointment or for more information. Even if you are curious about diving opportunities in the vicinity of Malmö or on our diving trips. We are happy to advise you. Aquatica is one of Europe's oldest diving schools, and has solid experience in diving training. With courses from beginner to instructor. Unique concept! We have an exercise pool in the store. Clean water and 30 degrees warm, it gives you a safe and relaxed environment to train in. You have your own instructor and together we put together a course plan at times that suit your work and your free time.
Silent Bubbles

#28 - Silent Bubbles

Diving courses, diving certificates, and GUE training Do you want to get a diving certificate in Stockholm? Or do you already dive and want to further your education with a diving course, do you need diving equipment or gas filling? Silent Bubbles is located on beautiful Ingarö in Stockholm but has the whole world as a workplace when we organize diving trips. We have extensive experience in diving and strive to be a contact for all your diving needs. Contact us if you want to know more! Diving courses We offer all types of diving courses that will open the door to fantastic diving experiences. Everything from beginner courses to advanced technical courses such as rebreather divers, deep divers or why not cave divers Diving certificate With us, you get first-class training in PADI or GUE. PADI is the world's largest diving organization and you can read more about them here . We train all divers in recreational diving at Padi. GUE education If you then want to take your diving a step further and maybe start to get curious about a little more advanced diving, then GUE is the step to go on with. All our technical courses take place within GUE's organization.