Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Redondo Beach

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Veteran's Park

#1 - Veteran's Park

USA, California, LA County, Redondo Palos Verdes

Swim straight out from the stairs near the restrooms until you are parallel to the end of the pier. Dropping down here will put you within just a few kicks of the drop-off. About 100 feet north of the stairs in 45 feet is an area known as the Salad Bowl. There is kelp and detritus where you can find dozens of nudibranchs, shrimp, isopods, octopus and many small fish. At the south end of the beach are submerged pier pilings coverd with anemones and invertebrates. Located at the intersection of Pearl Street and Esplanade, the parking lot at Veteran's Park has plentiful metered spaces. Stairs to the beach are located at the Southwest end of the lot.
Redondo Beach Artificial Reef

#2 - Redondo Beach Artificial Reef

USA, California, LA County, Redondo Palos Verdes

Surplus US Navy barge added to the artificial reef in 1974. Gorgonians, simnia snails and a few nudibranchs on the barge, but the big attraction here is the ever-present sea lions. Redondo Beach Artificial Reef is also known as Redondo Barge.