Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Williston

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Williston dive site map
Blue Grotto

#1 - Blue Grotto

Florida, USA East

Sink Hole, underwater air bell at 30', underwater lighting system 5390 NE 180th Ave; Williston, Florida 32696; 352 528-5770; 7 days 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.; $27 per day to dive
Devil's Den

#2 - Devil's Den

Florida, USA East

33 Million year old fossils in an incredible sink hole 5390 NE 180th Ave; Williston, Florida 32696; 352 528-3344;7 days 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.; $27 per day to dive
Devils Den

#3 - Devils Den

USA, Florida, Central Florida Springs - Ocala

"Visit one of North America's most prehistoric places, Devil's Den -- an underground spring inside a dry cave in central Florida. The remains of many extinct animals from the Pleistocene Age (2 million - 10,000 years ago) were discovered at Devil's Den, including the bones of early man, dating back to 75,000 B.C. The pleasant year-around temperature of 72 degrees in the Den allows comfortable diving, winter or summer. On cold winter mornings you can see steam, like smoke, rising from the cave's chimney. Hence, the early settlers called the place Devil's Den. You'll find open water and cavern diving at its best & will be fascinated by the rock formations with stalactites and 33 million year old fossil beds, truly a natural wonder." Source: Entrance fee is approx $27. Water temp is 72°F all year round. Norteast from Williston, on the road (Alt 27) to Bronson. Address: 5390 NE 180th Avenue, Williston, Florida 32696 Devils Den is also known as Devil's Den, Floridas Pre historic Spring.