Spooners Cove

USA, California, San Luis Obispo
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Viz (last reported 6892h ago)
Max Depth
24.9 ft

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Spooners Cove

There are 2 main spurs of rock offshore that are covered with macroalgae and invertebrates. These are separated by a wide sand channel that I have seen halibut, sanddabs, starry flounder and ratfish. On the rocks there are rockfish, lingcod, cabezon, and kelp greenlings. This can be a very clear dive with 50+ feet of vis, but usually it is less than 10 ft vis. When the swell bumps up there is a milky white precipitate that is just up off the bottom destroying the vis. This is in addition to the sand being lifted up and also ruining the vis. There are at least 2 big, old style anchors straight out from the beach here. Those are fun to come across. It is easy to launch a kayak or small boat from the beach here. There are some superb reefs you could access with a small boat. The dive has an easy entrance and exit, and is great for classes. The spring tends to have the coldest water down to 48degrees. The rest of the year it is usually in the mid 50s. Drive into Montana de Oro from Los Osos via Los Osos Valley Road. The beach is a few miles into the park on your right. If you reach the campground, you have gone a little bit too far. Plenty of parking in a dirt lot. Outhouse style toilets and picnick tables are the only amenities. Lots of beach goers especially on weekends, but few divers. You will see kayakers launch here, and on a big swell harcore surfers paddle out to the point. Short walk from parking area to the waters edge over a sand beach. Usually an easy entry with a relatively steep drop-off. I usually put my fins on at the edge of the water and I am floating within a few steps. You should not bother with this spot if there is much swell. Spooners Cove is also known as Montana de Oro.
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Reid Hacker
Reid Hacker
Oct 9, 2023, 9:55 PM
10-15 feet of vis. Not any fish.
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