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A shallow cove that is relatively well protected from a northern swell. The climb is rough, but the fish and plant life is impressive for a shore dive. Because of the shallow water and hard hike down, this site is better as a free diving site than a SCUBA site, although both are possible. From Carmel or Monterey take the 1 South to Garrapata State Beach. Landmarks get scarce, but you will hit a grove of cypress trees on your left. From there continue a half mile to a dirt turnout on your right. Once you get there, a steep dirt trail takes you into the cove
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Jesse Rorabaugh
Jesse Rorabaugh
Jan 13, 2008, 12:00 AM
This is my favorite place to free dive. The ground seemed littered with abalone shells (unusual for southern CA), and the visibility is reasonable. Depth is under 20 feet over a huge area. Spear fishing is as good as you are likely to find without a boat. Mostly Rockfish and Perch, but some Cabazone, Greenlings, and I did manage to see one Ling Cod although of course when it wasn't in season. If you are really adventurous and it is really calm, it is possible to swim from this protected cove all the way to Soberanes point a half mile or so away. This is probably the most isolated territory you can get to without a boat. This leaves at least some hope for some really big fish. If conditions are not perfect, simply don't dive here. It is more protected than some of the nearby sites from a northerly swell, but this is Big Sur diving, not Monterey. I actually once found a rusted out spear gun here because some poor diver went in over his ability and lost it! That said, wait for a really calm day and try out this site. Also, don't go here with any gear you aren't OK with taking down Rock Faces. It is not bad enough for a reasonably in shape person to need ropes, but if it were much worse you would want them.
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