Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Entry Map
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Max Depth
40ft (unconfirmed)

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Spelonk

A no-kidding experienced dive only, off the beaten path. The entry point, waves and surge are very serious, but IMHO this is the best dive on Bonaire for viz, formations, variety, and isolation. You see big cuda's, morays, big parrots, a cave, and its a very cool cove with waves breaking above the vertical edges of the cove. See my review for safe entry and exit and a suggested route. I have photos of the cove from the road, the crevice entry point, the cave, and the waves crashing over the cove walls from below with Kate and a big 'cuda just below the waves very cool stuff. See link http://community.webshots.com/album/105517094jAlIwh From Kralendijk follow signs to Lagoen on Kaminda Lagun road. The road will end after going through a lakebed at a bay near Washikemba. Just before you drive off the east side of Bonaire into the ocean you will see a restaurant at the end of the road, and just before this restaurant you will turn left up a dirt road where you'll see a shack up the hill a ways. You will pass to the left of the shack up the hill, and on top of the hill you will take a fork to the right going between two old masonry gate posts. There are some forks off to the right which go over towards the ocean and dead-end, but you'll stay on the main dirt road winding your way toward the Spelonk lighthouse. There will be some more forks when you get closer to the lighthouse that end near it, but again stay on the road going past it several hundred yards north of the lighthouse. You will see some coves before this, but the Spelonk cove is closer to the road with a gradual walk down to the south edge where you enter through a small 3-foot wide crevice.
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