Sydney Pier

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Sydney Pier

The town of Sydney has started an artificial reef on both sides of the pier. These reefs consist of concrete "reef balls". These balls are shaped like hollow soccer balls, and make homes for a variety of animals. There isn't too much to see hear - a lot of leaf kelp, a few anemones, some nudibranches and the odd rockfish. The pier is a popular spot for crabbing, although we didn't see too many large crabs.To find the artificial reefs swim out along the pier until you hit the second-last pair of supports for the pier. Descend along the support; this will land you directly on the reef balls. You can then do a circuit - follow the balls east to the end of the pier, then cross the pier to pick up the second set of balls. Follow these balls west, back towards shore. That's it - easy as pie! The dives shallow; at high tide you'll be lucky to hit 10m/30'. Just two things to be concerned about; fishermen on the pier and current. This dive is best done on slack. Fishermen usually don't cast as far as the reef balls, but be prepared for monofilament when you pass under the pier. From Victoria take highway 17 North until the Beacon Ave turnoff for the town of Sydney (~20km from downtown Victoria). Turn right (east) onto Beacon Ave, and follow it to 2nd Street - at this point turn right (south) onto 2nd, take it for one block and then turn left. This'll put you on Bevan Ave, from here you should be able to see the Pier. Park where possible, gear up, and walk to the pier. You can enter on either side of the pier - careful, both entries are rocky and slippery.

Sydney Pier Tide Chart and Surf Report (Beta)

1:33 AM / 0.311ft
6:09 PM / 8.187ft
2:23 AM / -0.757ft
6:42 PM / 8.243ft
3:13 AM / -1.602ft
Bryan Heit
Bryan Heit
Jan 31, 2005, 12:00 AM
Not much to add that isn't covered in the site description. Vis was poor when we were there, and according to the locals this is the norm. Not much life, aside from leaf kelp. Maybe in a decade or so the reef may grow to something larger, but for now there is little of interest.
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