Police Beach

Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Police Beach

Police Beach is a remote beach on Oahu's North Shore, even though it lies between other popular surfing beaches. It is not remote in terms of distance, but rather in terms of accessibility. The beach encompasses a large stretch of shoreline, all the way from Papa'iloa Beach to Pua'ena Point. To get to Police Beach, one either has to walk along the shoreline from Papa'iloa Beach or Pua'ena Point Beach Park because the backshore of Police Beach is private property. Episodes of the popular TV series LOST were filmed on Police Beach. The beach is sandy, but many areas on the water's edge are covered by a lava rock shelf. The ocean bottom offshore is rocky too, so swimming isn't possible here (also because of strong rip currents, especially when the surf is up). Several surf spots are located offshore. Also, local fishermen come here for shoreline fishing.
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Seth Bareiss
Seth Bareiss
Aug 8, 2004, 12:00 AM
Also known as Hale'Iwa Beach Park and Turtle Heaven. Excellent multi-level dive, particularly if you enjoy photography and turtle-watching. I've dived here roughly 90 times, and never seen fewer than 15 turtles, averaging 20 per dive. Turtles are 6'/2m long near the drop-off, and 2'/1m in the shallow channels leading back to the grassy shallows. Excellent phone, toilet, and shower facilities in the adjoining park to the west. Often still divable in Winter, when all other North Shore dive sites are pounded by large surf. The long walk across the shallows may be intimidating to people with weak legs. There's a dive shop within 5 minutes' drive toward Hale'Iwa town. Be sure to visit the Wyland Gallery with its sea-related artwork, while in this area.
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Frank Brooks
Frank Brooks
Aug 14, 2003, 12:00 AM
"Police Beach", as the locals call it, fronts Hale`iwa Beach Park on O`ahu's North Shore near Pua`ena Point. This site is well known for its deep drop-off and spectacular reef. If you want deep diving, head over the drop-off and explore along the edges or go deeper to explore some of the numerous caves and overhangs. You'll see large pelagic fish including Jacks, Rainbow Runners, and sharks. If you want to stay in a comfortable depth range (less than 30 feet), remain above the reef fronting the beach park and follow along the many trenches within the reef. Here you'll find many turtles, trigger fish, and Palanis'. Watch out for thrill craft as they frequently use the area adjacent to the Hale`iwa boat harbor.
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