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The visibility here averages about ten feet better than the West side of the peninsula. There are numerous pinnacles offshore from Whale Rock at Pt. Vicente. The rocky reefs rise from depths of 80-100 feet+ to within five feet of the surface in places. It's not Farnsworth, but a very nice dive.
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Michael Topper
Michael Topper
Dec 10, 2012, 12:00 AM
After getting my open water cert I went with some buddies to Honeymoon Cove in Palos Verdes. While the dive itself was very good the shore access is difficult. With a steep and narrow goat trail that takes you from the top of the bluff to the rocky shore the walk down wears you out. Watch for slippery mud after wet weather. It seems that there are some hooks to attach ropes but we didn't have any rope on hand. Would have made the walk down much easier. This is a dive that is best suited for people in good shape. Mostly shallow - never got further than 20 feet deep with around 15-20 foot viz and a good variety of life including garibaldi, senoritas, and perch. Lots of purple urchins and plant life. Next to no surf but some surge here and there. Water was still pretty warm at 60 degrees. If you can manage the walk down (not to mention the walk up) then this is a great dive. Wish I had the energy to make it a 2 tank day here. I would advise you start with one tank and see how you feel afterwards.
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J. Bowdin
J. Bowdin
May 21, 2012, 12:00 AM
I went free diving at this site after trying Christmas Tree Cove. Both are excellent sites if you don't mind an adventurous hike down to the water. A lot of people rate this site and Christmas tree with the best vis around PV, and I can see why, it was at least 15 feet when I went yesterday. The left side of the cove has some pretty interesting walls; even saw some type of ray over here. Depending on where I was near the walls, depth was around 15-20 feet I would guess. Saw more fish this time than when I went to Christmas Tree. Entry was nice and easy over small rocks right close to the trail down. The right side of the cove has some neat rock formations in the shallows near the rocks, just watch the surge if the waves are coming in good. Very neat plant life over on this side, and a good amount of fish. I didn't go into the large kelp forest in the middle of the cove. All in all, great site!
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Frank Lukowski
Frank Lukowski
Jan 22, 2010, 12:00 AM
Honeymoon Cove is a great alternative spot to dive when other easier accessed sites such as White Point, Marineland and Malaga have poor conditions. Honeymoon's is one cove north of Christmas Tree cove. Like its conjoined twin 'Christmas Tree', Honeymoon averages excellent visibility in the range of 15-20ft. I have not explored Honeymoon Cove fully, but from what I've seen its a great spot to dive. There are two main zones which I have dove. One being the extreme Northern point of the cove which stays surprisingly shallow '15-25ft'. This area has low lying reefs consisting of urchin barrens and loosely spread kelp forests. The usual critters inhabit this area including schools of opal eye, surf/zebra perch and senoritas. The second zone which I've explored is directly out from the middle of the cove. My normal route is to surface swim directly out to about a depth of 25-30ft. From there I would descend and kick out to about 60ft. At this point heading parallel to shore in either direction will bring you to a series of larger reefs, some with interesting mini arches, overhangs and crevices. It is at these reefs at which I've encountered some more interesting marine life. They include Cabazon, Scorpionfish, a few large sheephead and even a few Octopi. In the extreme shallows 'within the tidal zone' there is a few thermal vents, like the ones found at White Point. These are located in 5-10ft, depending on tide and can be quickly found by looking for the white algae blanket which feeds on the warmth of these vents. Entry at Honeymoon is easier then other surrounding sites, but be prepared for some boulder hopping. Also the hike down the goat trail to Honeymoon is one of the most difficult on the peninsula. Be prepared for loose gravel, dirt and steep terrain. Honeymoon is a very unique spot which any shore diver is sure to enjoy.
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