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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at LA - Wreck of the Avalon

The wreck of the Avalon lies off Chiswick Drive. Can be a good bug spot early in the season. There are various spots nearby with local names not found on charts, including Drainpipe, Toilet Bowl Reef and Paddleboard Cove.
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Jul 31, 2003, 12:00 AM
Well there were no other reviews so I'll start out. I free dive spearfish so I'll write with that point of view..with a 1 yr old baby I don't often have time for long trips anymore so this is one of the closer/easier access dives from my house..this is not really a good fish location, but at least I can get my water "fix".. it is never crowded in the water and except for small boats that pull into the mouth of the cove there are never more than 1-2 people fishing here. you wont really find some of the bigger fish like you do at rocky point, but there are halibut that hang in the small sand bars and if you just want fish tacos there are a lot of nice surf perch/sargo's,etc..there are usually a few small kelp patches and sometimes you can get something more from around these...usually visibility is ok due to the rock bottom and cove. as with any southern ca spot some days better than others. judging visibility is sometimes deceptive from the parking lot. if you cant see sand bars a ways out it is usually only around 5-8 ft, blurs after that. it is a slow sloping bottom so when guessing viz take into account the first 30-50 yards is around 10-15 ft deep. on a good day can be nice, but I've been fooled a few times thinking it looked clearer than it was. it is pretty much a typical so cal spot with small sand bars, some big rocks with standard urchins, kelp bass (none really to big) sargo, opelye, surfperch sometimes octopus. sometimes white sea bass will run thru if they are far as getting into the water it depends on the tide/swell. depending on the tide and what rocks were uncovered by winter swells, it can be medium round rocks to large sharp boulders..the best place to enter is in the middle of the cove near the s/e edge of the parking lot..usually the rocks thin out here and are is almost never a clean a sand entry so watch footing..
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