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Napili Bay

#1 - Napili Bay

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Entry is sandy, and the bottom is sandy with moderately steep entry and then reef further out. Sea turtles frequent the bay, and snorkeling can be fair when the surf is mellow. When the surf is up visibility, and thus snorkeling, is poor. The water is frequently glassy, but when big swells come in waves can become quite large, and the rip currents which form here pull directly out to sea. Less experienced swimmers should avoid the water here during such conditions. There are restaurants, bathrooms and a general store in the resort. There is a shopping center with supermarket between the main highway and the resort.
Kapalua Bay

#2 - Kapalua Bay

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

Kapalua Bay is a sheltered white sand beach on the north west side of Maui. The bay is protected by two reefs that extend out on both ends forming a C-shaped cove making it ideal for snorkeling. The bay’s calm water makes it one of those perfect places for beginner snorkeling and is an ideal spot to take the kids. Getting into the water couldn’t be easier. The ocean will literally be a few feet from your beach towel. The Kapalua Bay Hotel overlooks the beach’s soft sand and tranquil blue water. As you stay to the right on the dive, you will actually exit the Bay and start to make your way into Namalu Bay (the next bay over. Very interesting coral, lava formations, and marine life can be seen. This is an excellent night dive as well. Kapalua Bay never gets old for diving. It is also a very safe dive (other than the occasional current). Kapalua Bay is accessed by taking Lower Honoapiilani Road into Kapalua Resort. Located between Napili Kai Beach Resort and Merriman's Restaurant is public beach parking for the Bay. This includes showers and restrooms. Park in the lot or along the road (by all of the other cars). The beach is about 100 ft walk from the restrooms. While the entire Bay is worth diving, the best is on the far side (located furthest away from the parking, near the Ritz Carlton Kapalua Bay Residences). Surface swim out across the Bay until you are near the rocks on the far side and are out just past the restaurant (in terms of distance from the shore). Drop down and stay to the right. This is a great dive, especially at night.
Honokohau Bay

#3 - Honokohau Bay

Maui, Hawaiian Islands

Honokohau Bay is a remote boulder beach in West Maui. It is popular among surfers in the winter months. So when the surf is up it can get crowded here and there is only a small parking area. The ocean bottom in the bay is rocky too and rip currents are common, so the bay is not suitable for swimming or snorkeling.
Nakalele Point

#4 - Nakalele Point

Maui, Hawaiian Islands

Level Of Skill: Advanced Divers, No Exceptions. It is NOT recommended to dive here. You could get yourself killed. Depth Of Location: 150 feet max, but you only need to dive to 80 to conserve air Transportation Needed: A car How To Get There: Drive North on Honoapiilani Hwy. 30. past Lahaina and Kapalua. It is at the 38 mile marker. Turn left at the Nakalele Point Light Station sign. Park as close to the lighthouse as your car will allow you. Walk your way in. When To Snorkel Or Dive: Summer and Autumn. To rough in winter. Also, all site are better in the morning before the wind kicks up. Where To Snorkel Or Dive: Check the map. Go along the wall till your halfway out of air and start back at a different depth for another view. What You May Find: A extremely large amount of reef fish and a beautiful, colorful reef. One of the best dives on the island. Best wall dive outside Molokini. Site Hazards: High surf in the winter, tricky entry/exit, tough walk down Site Facilities: None Notes Of Interest: Wear a wetsuit for protection from rocks. Only advanced divers.