Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve

Maine, USA East
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve

I dove this site on 9-4-2005 with Dave Peterson as my Dive buddy for the day. We stayed in less than 50 feet of depth loved the abundant sea life. I've never seen so many sea urchins, plus a lot of lobster and crabs, star fish as well. Oh!, and some schools of polluck. After Visiting Pemiquid Point Light house, travel north on route 130 to New Harbor Maine, turn right onto route 32 and follow until you see the signs for Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve. This is one of my best dives ever in Maine. Tons of sea life. Lots of lobster, crabs, star fish, and sea urchins. It has a great variety of depth close to shore. You can stay on a shelf that is 40 feet and less or you can go a little deeper if you like. I bought a book called "Dive Maine" third edition by Steve Audet which is all about Maine Shore Dive sites by Steve Audet at Johnson's Sports in Brunswick Maine. I'm a Vermonter that Loves to dive Maine.
M Smyth
M Smyth
Jun 23, 2008, 12:00 AM
This is a great place to dive. There is a definite notch to follow down to the bottom . You can resurface in the same place you started even without a compass. I've seen it so rough you cannot enter, but I've also seen it as calm as an average lake. I think the depth is about 100 feet, but I've only gone down to 80 feet. Lots of lobster, starfish, striper, etc.
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