St. Anthony Shipwreck

Kihei, Maui, HI
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at St. Anthony Shipwreck

Location to tire reef and boat is approximately a 240 degree heading from bottom of stairs, about a .4 mile swim, 70 feet depth. Dive site is do-able from shore, with scooters or fairly long surface swim, many use kayaks to get there. Keep going South on S Kihei Road, do not veer left to go to Wailea, road dead ends, turn right at end, Park at Keawakapu Beach Parking. There is a beach shower near stairs, no fixed restroom facilities, porta-pottys only. Reef dive is very good here. St. Anthony is a 65-foot shrimp boat was intentionally sunk in October 1997, creating Maui’s most popular wreck dive and home to many Green Sea Turtles. The turtles can be seen on the decks, inside the V-berth and cabins. On occasion you even may encounter a turtle clinging on one of the horizontal or vertical bars while it rests. What a great dive! Along the sandy bottom next to the wreck, old tires and cement blocks are scattered, creating an artificial reef that is fun to explore. In addition to turtles, you may see Moray Eels, Trumpetfish, Batfish, reef sharks, and an abundant supply of curious Milletseed Butterflyfish.
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Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain
Aug 6, 2021, 8:35 PM
Dove here once on a scooter and it was amazing. Visibility was incredible, although our guide kept saying it was the best visibility she'd ever seen there. There are a couple outcroppings of reef along the way where we saw two octopi mating. We tried diving this site a week later without a scooter and without a guide and weren't able to find it, although the visibility was much worse that day. The info we heard was to follow a 240 compass heading from the stairs at the far end of Keawakapu beach and swim on the surface for a good 15 min or so, then dive down and try to cruise at ~20ft until you see the tires/boat. Make sure you have a flag on you because you'll be swimming in a boat channel
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