Morro Rock North

California Mid, USA West
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40ft (unconfirmed)

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Morro Rock North

What a beautiful dive site! With a nice beach and facilities for the non-divers, you will find a technically challenging adventure at Morro Rock. The entry can be difficult and the swim can be long, so talk to the local dive shop before attempting this one. Found in Morro Bay just 12 miles North of San Louis Obispo on Highway 1. Take the Morro Bay Blvd exit to the West; turn right on Main Street; Left on Harbor Street; right on Front Street to parallel the bay; merge onto Embarcadero; then merge onto Coleman Drive, and continue around the bay. If you get lost, just drive toward the big rock-- you can't miss it!
Sep 21, 2021, 1:05 AM
Needless to say, dive only when the conditions are perfect! With the beach entry in the background, you can see clearly the surf you will encounter. To the right is a cooling water outlet of the local power plant. There is always a current coming from this channel, so returning along the jetty will be impossible. You will have to return from the open sea. This is a shot to the left of the one above showing the rocky coast line of the Rock. Once you've made it here, relax and enjoy! Looking East, you'll find acres and acres of parking. The restrooms are back to the right, and the entry is back to the left. The beach entry is sandy, but the ease can be deceiving. Breakers can appear at anytime, so you must be able to read the conditions. Talk to a dive shop about what you should expect.