Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Lions Bay

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Lions Bay dive site map
Lions Bay

#1 - Lions Bay

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Lions Bay offers an easy access dive for those interested in seeking out smaller creatures to observe. Shallow and rocky, you'll have plenty of time to explore. A dive flag is very important in this area. Give the marina a call (604-921-7510) before you decide to show up. Diving is restricted to certain times of the year. Heading North from Horseshoe Bay, after about 11km, take the second exit into Lions Bay. Head West toward the water, until you see the tracks below.
Kelvin Grove

#2 - Kelvin Grove

Vancouver, BC, Canada

It looked mighty nice, however you may now find it impossible to dive there. Apparently the neighborhood association decided to 'privatize' the beach, which effectively ended all diving there, unless you can kayak in from elsewhere. We present the site, nonetheless, in the hopes that it will one day reopen to us Marine Explorers. You must go to the marina at Lions Bay and get a parking permit then return back to Kelvin Grove. Heading North from Horseshoe Bay, after about 10km, take the first exit into Lions Bay. Wind your way South, toward the water. You'll dead end at the park.