Top Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in West Vancouver

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West Vancouver dive site map
Whytecliff Park

#1 - Whytecliff Park

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Whytecliff Park is the premier dive spot for divers of all capabilities. You can find dive classes exploring the inner cove, and advanced divers venturing further out toward the Queen Charlotte Channel. All the classic sea life of this area can be found within an afternoon of touring the slopes and walls. For the non-divers, food and restrooms are found close the parking area. The original name was White Cliff City. In 1914, Colonel Albert Whyte pressed for the spelling change from White Cliff City to Whytecliff. The park is currently home to more than 200 marine animal species and is the first Marine Protected Area in Canada. Sea lions can be seen sunbathing on the beach during summer. Whytecliff park is located near West Vancouver's Horseshoe Bay Neighbourhood. To get there, take Marine Drive west from the Lions Gate Bridge past light house park to Horseshoe Bay and then continue on to 7100 Block Marine Drive. 2014 Note from Chanel MacKay: I am the current operator of the concession at Whytecliff Park and am in the process of reducing my hours of operation for the fall and winter 2014. I thought I would reach out to you to see if there would be any interest in my staying open for coffees, soups, and sandwiches over the park's off season. I know from speaking to divers this summer that the fall and winter are generally better for diving at Whytecliff. Would a hot drink and snack be appreciated by your divers or do they prefer to take off once out of the water and head somewhere warm to shower and dry off properly? Any feedback you could offer would be greatly appreciated as this is my first year in operation and I would like to make sure I'm meeting the needs of park guests. Please email me at foxfoodsvancouver *at* gmail*dot*com. Thank you!! From the Copper Cove dive site turn right onto Marine Drive. In a short distance you'll see the entrance to Whyte Cliff Park.
Point Atkinson

#2 - Point Atkinson

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Point Atkinson is found at the tip of Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, entrance to the vast Burrard Inlet. This site is a fantastic vantage point for getting a glimpse of all the indigenous marine life. Along with the impressive trail system, basic facilities are available. See your local dive shop for the seasonal conditions and requirements. Located on the Southwestern tip of West Vancouver, access is via Marine Drive. From Vancouver, take the Lionsgate Bridge North and exit on Marine Drive West and drive about 11km. The entrance below will be on your left.
Ansell Place

#3 - Ansell Place

Canada, British Columbia, Lower Mainland

Ansel Point is largely a sheer wall, so it is a site that is appropriate for those that are very comfortable with their buoyancy in cold water conditions. Either direction has plenty of wall to explore with critters like squat lobsters, golf ball crabs and the occasional seal to check out. There are a pair of wolf eels that are intermittently spotted under a large rock at approximately 75' (22m) on the wall if you head to the right. A point of interest to the diver's left as you enter the water is a wall cutting at about 20 meters that goes back into the cliff about 4-5 meters. It tends to be a gathering place for rockfish and ling cod and is a good place to begin your dive. The access to this site can be slightly difficult as you need to go down 65 steps followed by a climb down high and uneven rock to cross into the tidal area. Occasionally rough water can make entry and exit from the site a challenge. Good fitness is essential. If you're planning two dives leave your gear at the bottom of the stairs and just replace your tanks.
Lookout Point

#4 - Lookout Point

Canada, British Columbia, Lower Mainland

Most divers do the right wall, follow it and go around rocky peninsula and return back to the bay. If you breathe very well, stay shallow and current helps you a bit - you can end your dive at famous WhyteCliff "The Cut" or in WhyteCliff bay. However, this dive is only for experienced divers - if you not sure - DO NOT try it. There is usually a strong (sometimes very strong) current at the Lookout Point bay's entry (from right side). Sometimes it's very hard to go back into the bay - specially when high/low tide begins. There is not too much things to see in the middle of the bay - sea bottom is flat, sandy, and gently goes into deep. However, right wall has enough marine life for an interesting dive - seastars, kelp, crabs, shells, fish, etc... A relatively big bay with instant public access to the water near WhyteCliff park. It's around 100 meters far from it.
Copper Cove Road

#5 - Copper Cove Road

Canada, British Columbia, Lower Mainland

A steep stairs leads to waterfront at the end of Copper Cove Road. Copper Cove Road is also known as Copper Cove.